Emo kid circa 2003

Jeff de León is a Dominican-American husband, teacher, and author.

His YA Science-Fantasy PRINCESS OF A FADING STAR was selected for the 2020 #WriteMentor program by Sabrina Prestes and George Jreije. In 2022 , Jeff became a mentor. He holds a B.A. in English Literature and an M.A. in Literacy from Touro University.

During his days, Jeff absolutely loves being a goofy middle school English teacher in a classroom where the novels are as diverse as his students. He lives with his best friend and wife, Julia, and a cat named Coco, which is short for Coconut.

As a child, Jurassic Park set Jeff on the path to loving all things science-fiction and fantasy. As a teen, he played football to distract from his love of all things geeky, from building computers to reading the Star Wars expanded universe. Angst drove Jeff to learn guitar, write music and poetry, and to believe all his problems would be solved when he found true love. At sixteen, Jeff found true love when he met Julia, his now-wife and the co-author of his life. ❤

Today, Jeff has slightly more tattoos but is otherwise pretty much the same. As a writer, he hopes to share the type of stories that his teenage self would have devoured: those filled with mystery, wonder, and the indisputable message that every type of person is loved, appreciated, and capable of becoming a hero.